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Two Wolves Running
Wolves Running
Three Wolves Holding Oil Candle
Three Wolves Running & Jumping
Hooded Rohirrim Soldier - LOTR Bust
Smeagol - Domestic Exclusive Edition LOTR Bust
Pippin: Guard of the Citadel LOTR Polystone Statue
Emma Frost - Marvel Premium Format Figure
Grand Admiral Thrawn - 12 in. Star Wars Figure
Glass Mug: Lion Crest
Candle: New Age Dragon
Red Dragon Oil Lamp
Dragon & Wizard Plasma Ball Light
Wolf Chime, Small
Gargoyle Trinket Box
Gargoyle with Open Wings Figurine
Vampire Pewter Figurine
Spitting Gargoyle Pewter Figurine
Dragon Walking on Fire Pewter Figurine
Moon Castle Pewter Figurine
Gargoyle Incense Holder
Gargoyle with Feathered Wings Figurine
Anubis Coffin with Removable Mummy Figurine
Sterling Silver Turtle Charm Necklace
Palm Tree Enamel Necklace
Necklace: Agate Beads
Necklace: Amethyst and Pink Quartz
Necklace: Hand Made Enamel Bead
Necklace: Blue Enamel Fish
Silver African Goddess Amulet on Chain
Necklace: Brown Enamel Fish
Necklace: Caribean Stone
Mother of Pearl Fish Necklace
Silver Rose Garden Necklace
Silver Prayer Box 2 Necklace
Sterling Silver Crocodile Charm Necklace
Sterling Silver Jester Charm Necklace
Necklace Set:: Enamel Beads with Pearls
Silver CZ Jester Charm Necklace
Large Flying Demon Light Catcher
Necklace: Dichroic Gold Bead
Necklace: Etheopian Charm
Silver Prayer Box Necklace
Hand Made Glass Bead Necklace
Necklace: Blue Glass Beads
Glass Mug: SNA Exclusive Design
Necklace: Coral and Turquoise
Silver and Enamel House Pendant
Necklace: Blue Enamel Eye
Silver Nature Pendant
Silver Pendant with Amethyst Beads
Necklace: Hand Made Sterling Beads
Necklace: Enamel Bead
Turquoise and Black Coral Necklace
Necklace:14K Gold with Pearls
Wizard Box
Silver Fish and Red Bead Necklace
SNA Exclusive Design - Pilsner Glass
Griffin Box
"Vlad" Pewter Figurine
Flying Demon Light Catcher
Rutilated Quartz Pendant
Necklace: Gold Glass
Silver Planet Necklace
Jade and Tiger Eye Necklace
Silver Fish and Coral Bead Necklace Set
Future Silver City Box
Necklace: Carved Ankh
Painted Bead Necklace
Dream Catcher Pouch Necklace
Wolf Pack Pendant
Eire: Gryphon Pendant
Necklace: Black and Blue Glass
Eire: Celtic Dragon Pendant
SNA Exclusive Design Pilsner Glass with Shield
Necklace: Faerie
Mexican Opal Pendant with Chain
Necklace: Glass Mosaic Bead
Pendant: Amber
Necklace: Fusion Fantasy
Sunshine Copper Necklace
Eire: Celtic Dragon No.2 Pendant
Infantry Battle Droid 2 Pack - Star Wars 12 Inch Figure Set
R5-D4 Star Wars RAH 12 Inch Figure
Black Dragon & Crystal
Black Dragon Crouching
Black Dragon with Sword & Light Ball
Black Dragon Chain Mail
Black Dragon with Jewel
Wolf Candle
Wind Chime Faerie
Wind Chime Dragon
Black Dragon with Flame & Sword
Wolf-Bobble Head
General Anakin Skywalker - Clone Wars 12 inch Figure
Harry Potter RAH 12 inch Figure
Call of the Wolf - Highland Wolf Figurine by Westland Gifts
Call of the Wolf - Four Wolves Figurine by Westland Gifts
Clone Trooper - Star Wars Premium Format Figure
Gamorrean Guard - Star Wars 12 inch Figure
Tracker - Predator 12 inch Figure
Figrin D'an - 12 inch Star Wars Figure
Nick Fury - Marvel Comiquette Polystone Statue
The Berserker - Predators Maquette
Wolf Standoff Statue
Green Winged Dragon Figurine
Earrings: Faerie , Large
Earrings: Faerie, Small
Pin: Faerie
Earrings: Celestial
Ear Charms
Moon and Sun Earrings
Moon and Sun Pin
Double Dragon Lamp
Purple Night Pin
Wolves and Eagle Clock
Gryphon Pewter Figure
Wolves and Moon Clock
Wolf Mom and Cubs Statue
Wolf Mom and Kids Statue
Wolves Picture Frame
Wolf Head Sculpture
Large Tiger Eye Wolf Sculpture
Wolf Magnet "Howling"
Wolf Head Sculpture "Looking into the Eyes"
Wolf Cub Magnet
Earrings: Green Enamel Fish
Gargoyle Candleholder
Blue Dragon Picture Frame
Pin: 18 Karat Gold Flower
Pin: 18 Karat Gold Leaf
Into The Future Enamel Pin
Ring: Baroque Pearl
Ring: Druzy Chrysocolla
Larimar Oval Ring
The Wave Ring
Silver Triangle Ring
Jade Swirl Ring
Goblin Pewter Computer Sitter
Ring: Garnet
Laughing Demon Pewter Figure
Celestial Box
Solar Box
Star Box
Candle: Oil, "Rowan Fairy"
Oil Cangle "Dragon"
Candle: Oil, "Wizard"
Candle: Oil, "Catch A Star"
Dragon Candleholder - Looking Down
Abra-Cadabra Pewter Figure
Pin: Far Away
Red Coral Crown Ring
Earrings: Blue Glass & Dichroic
Silver Leopard Pin
Rosy Future Enamel Pin
Earrings: 14K Gold with Citrine and Pearl Beads
Earrings: Blue Enamel Fish
Earrings: Green Glass Dangle
Earrings: Glass Cats
Pin: Big Winner
Earrings: Glass Butterfly
Silver and Copper Triangle Earrings
Silver Faerie Wing Earrings
Picket Fence Pin
Picture This Enamel Pin
Sterling Silver Woven Bracelet
Necklace: Follow the Yellow Road
Silver Bangle Bracelet with Beads
Red Dragon Picture Frame
Pin: All Seeing Eye
Pin: Green Dangle
Wide Silver Bangle Bracelet
Sterling Silver Bracelet with Stones
Bracelet:14K Gold Bangle
Pin: Your Award
Pin: First Place
Pin: Earth Unfolds
Shelob - Lord of the Rings Statue
Flying Dragon Pewter Suncatcher
Eomer Bust - Lord of the Rings 1:4 Scale Bust
Dracula - Hell Beast - Van Helsing Movie Statue
Age of Valor Collection: Death Before Dishonor Figurine
Attack Troll Maquette - Lord of the Rings Bust
Age of Valor Collection: Final Conquest Figurine
Siege Tower Troll Maquette - Lord of the Rings Bust
Catapult Troll Maquette - Lord of the Rings Bust
Eowyn as Dernhelm - Lord of the Rings Statue
Blue Dragon Figurine
Red and Black Gothic Box
Grond Troll Maquette - Lord of the Rings Bust
Wizard "Ulrich the Wise" Pewter Figure
Faerie Cat Pewter Figure
Earrings: Fused Silver Circles
Faerie Pewter Computer Sitter
Wooden Pegasus Figure
Red Dragon Figurine
Hatching Dragon Box
Dragon Trinket Box
Wizard Trinket Box
Wolf Figurine - Bronze Look
Wolf Rock Plaque and Figure
Wolf Lamp with Nightlight
Wolf Figurine - Wildwood Series
Wolf Candle Box
Catabat Pewter Figure
Wolf Picture "Gray Wolf"
Moon and Sun Necklace
Howling Magnet
Skull Box
Wolf Magnet "Chorus Howling"
Purple Dragon Night Light
Wolf Magnet "On Guard"
Wolf Chime, Medium
Wolf Sweethearts Statue
Wolf Statue "Scenting Trouble"
Wolf "Missed Opportunity" Statue
Wolf Scout Statue
Wolf Pin "Friends"
Wolf Pin "Howling Wolf"
Wolf Pin "Wolf Head"
Wolf Picture "Social Elite"
Wolf Magnet "Alpha At Last"
Call of the Wolf - Winter Cabin Figurine by Westland Gifts
Call of the Wolf - Mother Earth Figurine by Westland Gifts
Call of the Wolf - Sunset Graze Figurine by Westland Gifts
Call of the Wolf - Forest Dwellers Figurine by Westland Gifts


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